Cargoclix ETA. So you know when the truck is coming.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) brings dynamism to your SLOT system. SLOT helps you to plan capacities and time windows. ETA displays the estimated time of arrival of the truck in the SLOT time slot booking. The ETA calculation is based on the current position of the truck and the distance to the destination and takes into account the current traffic situation and the truck type. This gives you a very accurate ETA. ETA can be used either on the driver’s smartphone with the Cargoclix ETA App, or through the direct connection to the telematics of the trucks.

If the employees at the warehouse know the estimated time of arrival of the truck in advance, you can also adjust your work accordingly. This means that trucks that have already arrived can be brought forward if a truck is delayed. Idle times are avoided and even delayed trucks can ideally be loaded or unloaded without long waiting times.


Now live - the arrival of the trucks

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) shows you the currently probable arrival time of the truck, depending on the current traffic situation and the type of truck. Deviations from the previously planned time window are displayed directly in SLOT.

ETA App or direct telematics connection

ETA allows truck drivers to use the ETA App, to which the time windows booked in SLOT are transferred via push. Alternatively, ETA can also be used directly via a connection to the truck’s telematics system.


ETA is permanently integrated into the time window management SLOT and can be displayed directly in every booked time window. In this way, the site operator can adjust the planning at short notice if the truck is delayed, so that downtimes are minimized.

Reducing costs without investments

Normally you have to invest in advance to reduce costs. Not so with ETA. The ETA app can be downloaded free of charge from Playstore or App Store. Only 0.5 euros per time window will be charged for ETA. With telematics connection 1 Euro.

ETA smoothens the processes

ETA supports site operators in further smoothing their processes at the ramp and helps truck drivers and transport companies to reduce waiting times by automatically reporting the arrival time.

The worldwide solution for your company

Like SLOT, you can also use ETA at your locations – worldwide. Standardize your processes and integrate the estimated time of arrival of the trucks into your process flows.

25 years of experience

We have developed ETA in cooperation with the PTV GROUP and companies from industry and logistics and will continue to adapt the solution to your specific requirements so that you can map your processes in the best possible way. Our experience of more than 25 years will help us and you.

A fixed contact person for you

Like SLOT, ETA is supported by your permanent contact at Cargoclix, who is always available to answer your questions.


A first insight

Using ETA is very simple and automatically displays the estimated time of arrival of the truck directly in SLOT.


  • The estimated time of arrival of the truck is displayed in the time window
  • Work in incoming and outgoing goods can be optimized at short notice
  • Avoidance of idling and waiting times of the trucks
  • Elimination of telephone delay notification
  • No investment costs required
  • Use via ETA App or via direct connection to the telematics of the trucks
  • Low usage fees for ETA of 0.5 Euro per time window (1 Euro for telematics connection)



Free ETA App

0Basic fees

No basic fees

0,5 €per timeslot

Payable by the booking company or the site operator


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