MAHLE Uses Self Check-In from Cargoclix

MAHLE uses Cargoclix time window management at the St. Michael location in Austria and now also uses the new TERMINAL from Cargoclix, so that the drivers can make a self check-in in the respective language.

The Freiburg-based software company Cargoclix will be presenting the new Cargoclix TERMINAL for the first time at the LogiMAT logistics trade fair, which will take place at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from 13-15 March 2018. The software module extends the web-based time window management system SLOT and enables self check-in at the factory gates around the clock. Development partner and pilot customer of Pforte 4.0 is, among others, the automotive supplier Mahle.

“Cargoclix Terminal makes the processes at the factory gates significantly leaner and more transparent. A big advantage is that the driver now sets the time stamp himself with his registration and discussions about actual waiting times are a thing of the past”, says Cargoclix shareholder Prof. Dr. Victor Meier.